To see the ball fly off the club low and hard to the right (for right-handers), and usually into trouble, can make your heart sink. At least it does for Golf Australia reader Patrick Chan, who is in search for a cure.

Every golfer hates hitting a shank, simply because it takes a sledgehammer to your confidence. Every time you stand over a shot with an iron after you’ve had a shank, you wonder if the next shot will be the one.

There are several causes for a shank.

One of the main causes of a shank is a weight-shift issue. This is not the normal weight shift you hear about where the weight shifts towards the ball.

Your ability to maintain your balance during your swing has a huge effect on the path your club takes into the ball. Your body weight must be centred on the balls of your feet. The process of your body weight resting on your heels at address and shifting to the centre or even your toes in the downswing is enough to turn a solid strike into a soul destroying shank.

Having your body weight centred on the balls of your feet, like Sergio Garcia is doing here, and maintaining this throughout your swing is imperative to ensuring your swing remains on path, and shank-free.