The course features magnificent tree-lined fairways along with the beautiful gardens often has Pennant Hills described as the most picturesque courses in Sydney.

The clubhouse was completely renovated in 2019 and compliments the golf course with its delightful views, high quality food and beverage offerings and social engagement. Membership at Pennant Hills Golf Club is enjoyed by those who are looking for quality golf and a friendly club community.

We welcome players of all ages and abilities with the camaraderie among members often being noted by guests attending the club for the first time. 

For a limited time we also have an introductory membership promotion that provides a pathway for persons who have playing experience and are considering applying for full six- or seven-day membership (or Flexible Membership if eligible) of Pennant Hills Golf Club.

Welcome to ‘Try Before You Join!’

The program enables prospective members to experience what the club has to offer before submitting their application for full membership in the above categories.

The program allows participants to access temporary membership as a ‘Temporary Flexible Member’ – for a period of no longer than 12 months – by paying the annual subscription fee for Flexible Membership on a pro rata basis, together with payment of a non-refundable entrance fee of $1,000.

This fee, together with a discount equivalent to the total amount spent for temporary membership in the Try Before You Join program, will be deducted from the balance of the applicable entrance fee on application for full six- or seven-day membership (or Flexible Membership if eligible) of Pennant Hills Golf Club.

Since the #TBYJ program involves entry into a playing category, the annual Golf NSW Affiliation Fee will also be paid by the individual.

This is a great incentive for participants to join as members.

This discount is applicable only to membership applications made within six months of the date of completion of the Try Before You Join program.



Address: Burns Rd South, Beecroft, NSW.

Contact: (02) 8860 5800.

For membership enquiries visit: