The Victorian pair finished in first and second place in the Golf Challenge App Athena Q Series Leaderboard and WPGA CEO Karen Lunn had no hesitation in naming them as the final two participants.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to all of the women who participated in the Athena Q Series via The Golf Challenge App. Any of the top ten players would have been a great addition to The Athena, however we felt that the leading two players should be given the opportunity to compete.

“Molly and Jade are both extremely talented golfers at very different phases in their golfing journeys. We look forward to telling their stories through the live broadcast on Fox Sports and Kayo.

“This announcement means we now have five Victorian players for the local fans to cheer on during The Athena.

“I would like to say a huge thanks to our Official Digital Qualification partner, The Golf Challenge, for hosting the Athena Q Series since November, a world-first of its kind in Professional Golf!

“I would encourage all of those golfers out there to try each of the challenges on the Amateur Series on the Golf Challenge App. All you need to do is to download and the app to test your skills, then be sure to tune in to the live broadcast on Fox Sports or Kayo on the 26th to see how the best in the country do it!”

The Golf Challenge App CEO Clive Mayhew said “We are so pleased that two of our most active Golf Challenge players have been selected for the Athena 2022 with both scoring over 450 points out of a maximum 500. These scores are both the highest ever achieved on our App worldwide.

“Molly McLean, our winner and most active player of the Golf Challenge in Australia, had three birdies on the 6 Hole Course Challenge, and 100 percent in three of the five Golf Challenges. You can see her Scorecard live on the Golf Challenge App.

“We wish Molly and Jade all the best at the Athena on Feb 26 and 27, where their “Practice with Purpose” skill improvements integrated into the Golf Challenge App will give them both that extra confidence they need to become The Athena 2022 Champion.”

The Athena 2022 Final Field:

  • Cassie Porter (QLD)
  • Grace Kim (NSW)
  • Grace Lennon(Victoria)
  • Hanee Song (NZ)
  • Jade Shellback (Victoria)
  • Julienne Soo (Victoria)
  • Karis Davidson (Queensland)
  • Kelsey Bennett (NSW)
  • Kirsten Rudgeley (WA)
  • Molly McLean (Victoria)
  • Sarah Wilson (Queensland)
  • Steph Bunque (Victoria)