“The G Le2 represents our continued commitment to providing women golfers of every skill level with premium, high-performance equipment optimized to their swing speeds,” PING Executive Vice President and the granddaughter of PING founders Karsten and Louise Solheim Stacey Pauwels said.

The new range, which includes a driver, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and putters, borrows technologies from the popular G410 range of equipment and is built around lighter weight clubs that can be swung faster to achieve greater distances.

PING has also expanded the range of fitting options with the G Le2 range to allow women to find the right clubs and set makeup to match their individual games.

“To achieve one of our performance goals of improving the feel of the club throughout the entire swing, we focused on making the clubs lighter overall,” Pauwels said. “We integrated our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes with our proven design technologies to deliver measurable improvements throughout the set.

“Having equipment that is custom fitted to their games allows women to see improvement from every club in their bag. The G Le2 family really emphasizes that need through loft, lie and length adjustability along with the shaft weight, flex and grip offerings. Once we know those specifications, finding the best combination of fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges during a fitting is the next step in the process.”

Built to blend forgiveness and distance, the G Le2 driver features a rounder, more aerodynamic shape and thin, forged T9S+ face that has been optimised for the target swing speeds of the range, while an adjustable hosel allows 1.5˚ adjustments in loft up and down.

Also incorporating an adjustable hosel and offered in 3-, 5-, 7- and 9-woods, the fairway woods of the new range feature a face made of C300 maraging steel that is also shallower than the previous model to increase both launch angle and ball speeds. The combination, as well as lighter total weights and internal draw bias that is also present in the driver, delivering longer and straighter ball flights.

Similarly, the four hybrid loft options produce higher launch through a lower and deeper centre of gravity and greater ball speeds through a Carpenter 455 face, while the G Le2 irons utilise PING’s ‘COR-Eye’ technology with a deep top-rail undercut to increase face flexing for more ball speed and higher max height, and feature a 10 percent moment of inertia (MOI) increase thanks to a tungsten toe weight.

Rounding out the range, which also utilises softer grips in three sizes and lighter shafts, are three adjustable putter models incorporating the company’s simple to use shaft length system first introduced in its Sigma 2 putters, with the G Le2 Anser, Shea and Echo putters also featuring a dual-durometer face insert with ‘TR’ face for softer feel and improved distance control on off-centre strikes.

The new G Le2 range is available for pre-order now.

For more information, visit www.americangolf.com.au