Playing in the same group, Anderson and Matulich made consecutive aces on the par-3 12th hole on the Beach Course.

For those wondering, that equates to an astonishing 156,250,000 to one occurrence.

RIGHT: Anderson (L) and Matulich (R) celebrate after making consecutive aces on the par-3 12th hole on the Beach Course at 13th Beach Golf Links. PHOTO: Supplied.

“The pin was 143 metres away in a bowl, which is located back centre of the green. I hit 7-iron and it landed on line with the right edge of the bowl, ran up to the back and then rolled back down in to the hole,” Anderson, who plays off five, said of his maiden hole-in-one.

“After some knuckles and excitement, Peter got up and hit a ripper … We could see a bit of white, so we weren’t sure if it was in or not as well.”

Added the left-handed, six marker Matulich: “After celebrating Gary’s shot, I stepped up, said ‘hard act to follow’ and hit a draw with my 7-iron. It pitched, went over a slight rise and released to the hole gently. It was unbelievable to share such a great and rare occurrence with Gary.”

RIGHT: Mott also aced the par-3 12th at 13th Beach on Sunday, June 21. PHOTO: Supplied.

Incredibly, plumber Travis Mott also made an ace at the 12th hole yesterday, telling us that “it felt like getting your hands on the Holy Grail.”

“I lost my voice in the celebration and was asked by everyone I passed on the course who made the hole-in-one because apparently the roar was so loud,” said the eight marker.

“I hit a pure iron shot that pitched, bounced twice and rolled in like a putt.

“The next best thing was having two of my good mates there to witness it … It was truly amazing.

Plumbing apprentice Toby Walker completed the spectacular day on the Bellarine Peninsula by making an albatross on the par-5 4th hole.

RIGHT: Walker made an albatross on the par-5 4th hole at 13th Beach. PHOTO: Supplied.

“I hit a 7-iron from 172 metres and slam-dunked it,” said Walker, who is currently in Golf Australia's Tier 3 program.

“I’m hoping to turn professional at the end of this year.”