The multi-material G410 Plus driver will feature a 16g tungsten weight that can be relocated at the back of the clubhead to add 10 yards of draw or fade bias while maintaining forgiveness.

Ping also says that the G410 Plus will deliver the highest MOIs and ball speeds available, thanks to significant advancements in custom fitting.

“We’ve continued to increase both forgiveness and distance in the G410 Plus driver while adding more dimensions to driver custom fitting,” said John K. Solheim, Ping President.

“Our new, movable-weight technology provides the benefits of custom CG locations, including directional control, without sacrificing MOI or ball speeds, which is what we’ve always seen with other non-fixed-weight drivers.

“The G410 Plus offers golfers a simple, logical way to customize their driver and allows them to swing away on the tee box without fear of missing the fairway. It puts Tour-level fitting into the golfer’s hands. We’ve also expanded the loft and lie options with a new eight-setting, lightweight hosel that further fine-tunes ball flight.”

RIGHT: The Ping G410 Plus will be the company’s first-ever driver with movable-weight technology. PHOTO: Supplied.

Meanwhile, the G410 SFT version will have a lighter swing weight – and the 16g weight is fixed toward the heel of the club to produce even more draw bias than the G410 Plus in its draw position.

“There is still a large segment of golfers who will play better with a driver completely optimized for performance with the benefit of maximum fade correction," Solheim said.

“When we pioneered Straight Flight Technology several years ago, we wanted to provide a ‘slice-fixing’ driver without adding huge offset or just closing the face. The G410 SFT sits visually square at address and delivers all the performance benefits of the G410 Plus while ensuring a consistently straight ball flight."

The 455cc drivers’ new “creased crown” design provides stiffening properties and combines with patented Dragonfly Technology on the inside to create an ultra-thin crown structure, which saves weight for optimizing the CG location and increasing forgiveness.

In addition, the unique forging and patented heat-treatment process of the T9S+ face powers a thinner, hotter impact area that is precision machined to elevate ball speed across the entire face for more flexing and faster ball speeds.

The stock driver shafts are the Ping Alta CB Red 55 and Ping Tour 65 and 75. But additional options are available through fittings with no upcharge.

AU RRP: $799
Available: Mid-March.

Ping has also unveiled the G410 fairway woods, hybrids and crossovers – which aim to ensure golfers have multiple options to properly gap their sets.

“With the added distance golfers are enjoying in their drivers and irons due to all the advancements in technology, ensuring a set make-up that delivers the proper gapping is more important than ever,” Solheim said.

RIGHT: The Ping G410 fairway woods aim to provide greater stability and forgiveness than their predecessor. PHOTO: Supplied.

“Our G410 fairways woods, hybrids and crossovers offer golfers multiple options to transition from their mid- and long-irons into clubs that are easier to hit and provide tremendous distance while maintaining the necessary gapping benefits. They each provide varying performance features and launch characteristics.

“We’ve got everything from a low-spin 3-wood option and a 2 crossover all the way to a 6 hybrid.”

The adjustable Ping G410 fairway woods (Std., SFT and LST) feature a low-back CG and high-density tungsten weight positioned at the extreme boundary of the head to provide greater stability and forgiveness.

Plus, eight fitting positions in the new lightweight, aerodynamic hosel sleeve enable golfers to tune their trajectories through loft and lie adjustments.

AU RRP: $499
Available: Mid-March.

Ping will also release its first-ever adjustable hybrid to allow golfers the ability to customise their ball flight eight different ways through loft (plus or minus 1.5˚) and lie combinations for consistently better results.

Thinner and more flexible, the maraging-steel face generates faster ball speeds and higher launch.

RIGHT: The Ping G410 hybrids will feature adjustable hosel sleeves. PHOTO: Supplied.

The Ping G410 is also larger in size than the G400 – and its high-density back weight provides added stability and increased MOI for more forgiveness.

AU RRP: $419
Available: Mid-February.

The G410 crossover, which has been streamlined to provide more iron-like performance, relies on a 30-gram dual-density tungsten toe weight to maximize forgiveness.

The G410 design is also significantly shorter heel to toe and narrower in the sole than the G400.

Available in 2, 3 and 4, the stainless-steel head sets up square and offers a clean, premium look with the gearing properties of an iron to allow precision shot making.

“Providing the most-forgiving clubs in the industry remains a top priority for us,” Solheim said.

RIGHT: The G410 Crossover is more streamlined than the G400. PHOTO: Supplied.

“Whether they prefer the performance of a fairway wood, the reliability of a hybrid or the versatility of a crossover, golfers can always count on a certain level of forgiveness from our clubs.”

AU RRP: $389.
Available: Mid-February.

Completing the G410 family is the new G410 iron, which – despite being smaller – is said to be more forgiving than the G400, thanks to its drastic relocation of weight.

“In the G410 iron, our engineers challenged the idea that you can’t make an iron smaller and increase the forgiveness at the same time,” Solheim said.

“They’ve developed a clean, highly appealing design with less offset and a significantly higher MOI when compared to the G400 iron.

“It’s the most forgiving iron of its size. It will appeal to a very wide range of golfers as it produces faster ball speeds, maximum forgiveness and amazing feel with a pleasing appearance – all the attributes they need to hit their iron shots higher, farther and straighter.”

RIGHT: Ping says that the G410 iron is more forgiving than the G400 despite its smaller size. PHOTO: Supplied.

AU RRP: $210 per iron w/steel shaft (stock or aftermarket); $240 per iron w/stock graphite shaft.
Available: Mid-February.

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