The soft feeling metal used under chrome/nickel finishes in some of the company’s most popular iron sets from the past, including the legendary TN-87, before returning in the current MP20 range.

The copper layer was returned for the MP20 irons after testing indicated players noting a softer feel when hitting two identical irons alongside one another, one with copper, one without.

And now, a very limited run of MP20 muscle back blades are coming to retail with copper as the final layer for the diehard Mizuno fan, golfers who favour clubs owning a unique appearance or players searching for even softer feel than already offered through the company’s famed ‘Grain Flow Forged’ development process.

Featuring the same design characteristics and technology as the standard, and already popular, MP20, the copper model is limited to just 500 sets worldwide. With 50 of those arriving in Australia this week and making their way to golf shops around the country.

The limited edition model is offered for right handers only in a 3-iron to pitching wedge configuration.

Beyond the copper finish, that will offer a softer feel due to the lack of harder wearing nickel chrome finish that increases durability, the limited MP20 Copper features Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 Chrome shafts, Limited Edition Boyd Blade & Ferrule (BB&F) ferrule and Golf Pride Z cord black out grips to make it stand out from the crowd even further, with no custom options available.

As one would expect, these beautiful irons come with a premium price point. The MP20 Copper owning a recommended retail price of $495 per iron or $3,960 for the 8 piece set. But as the first special release Mizuno product since the MP100 irons to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary in 2006, buyers will be assured they own a unique set of golf clubs and perhaps a piece of history from a company with no shortage of it in the game of golf.

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