Built with the aim of producing straighter putts regardless of where impact occurs on the face, the Frontline family features weights in the face to expand the sweetspot and increase stability. Golfers achieving more putts starting on their aim line.

Incorporating technologies to offer improved alignment and greater consistency of stroke as well as roll off the putter face, the expansion of the Frontline putter options includes a variety of head shapes and neck styles to suit an even greater number of golfers and their preferences and stroke style.

“Cleveland Frontline putters have changed how we think about weighting in putters,” said Dustin Brekke, Director of Engineering at Cleveland Golf. “Having weight as close to the face surface as possible while maximizing MOI provides the straightest putts on miss-hits ever measured.

“Frontline technology has eliminated the miss-hits. No matter where you hit on the insert, the ball will go straight and the same distance. This line-up, with additional models and builds, provides all options for players to uniquely align at impact. Delivering the face on the target line, while making the sweet spot ridiculously large, means more made putts.”

The new models will arrive in Australian golf shops this month.

For more information, visit www.clevelandgolf.com.au