COST: $32.95.

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Deputy Editor (GA Handicap 9.4).

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Starting my testing on and around the greens with the latest Srixon Soft Feel, my first takeaway was, perhaps unsurprisingly, soft.

The feel off the clubface with the wedges and putter was exactly as the name suggests. As I worked my way into the longer clubs, a slightly more solid yet soft feel was noticeable, while the high, low spin and straight flight was exactly what the golfer this ball is aimed at would like to see.

The thick, black alignment line on the side of the ball was also a nice touch.

HOW IT PERFORMED: The feel of the 12th generation Soft Feel continued to impress throughout various testing sessions, which came as no surprise for a ball that has built a strong following and reputation based on this fact.

Where the new model did slightly surprise was with its consistency and improved spin performance around the greens, and off the tee, where distance and ball flight have certainly improved.

Although certainly not a premium option to rival the balls used on Tour, the latest iteration of the Soft Feel was far more consistent in terms of greenside spin than the previous versions I have used over the journey.

Gone is the slightly big first bounce when chipping and pitching, and while not stopping as quickly as the golf ball models I typically opt for, the Soft Feel certainly pulled up quicker than other balls in this category. And the most impressive aspect in this area was the consistency of spin.

“The feel of the 12th generation Soft Feel continued to impress throughout various testing sessions, which came as no surprise for a ball that has built a strong following and reputation based on this fact.”

When it came to the long game, Soft Feel has certainly picked up a couple of metres off the tee and throughout the bag.

The flight launches nice and high, and the low spin with driver helps to increase distance, whilst also keeping the big miss left and right out of play.

Overall, the latest Soft Feel certainly lives up to its popular predecessor and name. The addition of improved distance, as well as spin and control around the greens makes it a standout in the two-piece ball market, while the side stamp is a nice addition for players who use a line when putting and even off the tee.

Unsurprisingly in a category the company has a long standing reputation, Srixon has really delivered with its new Soft Feel.


SUITABILITY: Designed for golfers seeking distance combined with soft feel.

SRIXON SAYS: Building upon Srixon’s continued success in the golf ball market – with more than 30 percent growth in market share year-to-date versus last year – the new Soft Feel offerings are available now around Australia.

Srixon has been innovating the Soft Feel for over 20 years now with a ball that truly defines soft feel.

“This is our 12th generation Soft Feel golf ball, putting us at the forefront of the low compression distance ball category,” Marketing Director at Srixon Brian Schielke said. “With this new model, we’re excited to give golfers our longest Soft Feel to date, in a ball that maintains the signature feel golfers expect from a Soft Feel.”

The all-new Soft Feel features Srixon’s softest ‘FastLayer Core’. Yet this softer core is more resilient, snapping back into shape more quickly after impact for added ball speed, while dramatically reducing long game sidespin for increased accuracy.

Soft Feel’s low compression design and soft, thin cover provides all-around performance with distance off the tee, and increased greenside spin that all players crave. With the 338 ‘Speed Dimple Pattern’, the new Soft Feel cuts through the wind for longer, straighter shots from tee to green.

For the player that values feel most of all, the all-new Soft Feel from Srixon delivers on its namesake.

Srixon’s latest Soft Feel is offered in Soft White and Tour Yellow, while the new Soft Feel Lady is available in Soft White and Passion Pink.

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