Worldwide, golf product manufacturers sold out of anything that could be used to practise or simulate playing. Videos were posted of various short game drills and funky trick shots. It all seemed a bit of fun to while away a few irritating weeks.

But as the effects lasted longer and grew broader, the concept of a home practice facility took on a whole new dimension.

The most important component for most is a practice net. Now, there are nets and nets out there -and it pays to be discerning when choosing one. That’s where the Spornia SPG-7 comes in. This is a net with serious cred.

Designer K C (Cacey) Cho has been producing nets for sports such as baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football and golf since Spornia was founded in 1998. The SPG-7 is his magnum opus in golf nets. Everything about the design of this net has been carefully considered and premium materials used. This is a quality net, make no mistake.

The list of features is extensive:

It can be set up inside or outside.

At 2.1m x 2.1m x 2m high, it is sizeable enough for any shot yet compact enough to fit into small spaces such as courtyards, garages or the spare room.

It can be used with real golf balls or soft foam balls.

It can be used for all shots from driver to wedge.

It uses a target sheet rather than just netting. The target sheet disperses impact, leading to less wear-and-tear and deadening the sound of impact.

Its angled design creates an automatic ball return. There’s a winning feature right there!

Or there’s a meshed netting section at the front which can be fastened by its Velcro straps to catch balls for collection.

The ball rolling down the target sheet means no noisy bouncing sound on hard surfaces and protects both balls and surface.

The floor of the net area has white guide lines for swing path and target alignment.

The design of the target sheet and the addition of the included chipping basket allow for multiple targets to refine accuracy.

It has a stable wide base which can easily be strengthened with the provided ropes and the addition of sandbags to cope with the strongest wind. Yet it is still lightweight to move and adjust.

It includes a roof attachment so wedges can be hit with confidence.

It can be combined with simulators from Trackman to the more entertainment-focussed and works with Mac or PC.

It is straightforward and quick to setup and take down. Instructions are included and instructional videos are available on the website and YouTube if any issues are encountered.

It comes with its own quality bag, making it both easy to store and portable.

Accessories available include a white target sheet for use with simulators or further reinforcement, a separate pop-up chipping net (giving more target options) and side net extensions.

Sounds pretty good, huh. And it is.

WATCH: The Spornia SPG-7 net in action

Mark Armstrong, of Spornia Australia, can vouch for that. After buying a couple of cheaper quality products and finding out the hard way that you get what you pay for – “I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the sound of a ball off a driver hit a side fence through a hole in a net but it’s like a shotgun” – he found the Spornia net and was determined to purchase one, even though at that stage they were not available in Australia. Now he’s a distributor passionate about his product and its possibilities.

Spornia Australia offers the net at $440 (inc GST) and free Australia-wide delivery. And 10 percent of each purchase is donated to Oz Harvest, a terrific charity.

Combinations of the net, side extensions, pop up chipping net, the rather funky Tee Claw and OptiShot simulator can be ‘bundled’ together for a more efficient price. Spornia Australia is also working on a prototype hitting mat to complete the practice system.

The SPG-7 has a 30-day money back guarantee plus a 12-month warranty on manufacturing defects.

Such has been the demand that nets are currently out of stock. Spornia Australia has a waitlist and interested purchasers can join that list. The next shipment is expected late September, which leaves plenty of spring practice or even a perfect Christmas idea.

So, whether you’re in the market for an excellent value practice net or the basis of a well-rounded home practice system, Spornia SPG-7 is worth a serious look and think.

Because, let’s face it, nets ain’t nets.

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