COST: $279.95 (BOA); $249.95 (laced).

TESTED BY: Jimmy Emanuel, Golf Australia Deputy Editor.

MODEL PLAYED: WRAPID, powered by BOA Fit System.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The unique and almost non-golf appearance of the HyperFlex shoes was an instant hit with me. The knit style and trainer-like look making them the perfect driving range and casual game shoes personally.

My opinion only elevated further once putting the shoes on and feeling the combination of comfort and support and being truly impressed by the locked in yet soft feeling of the new WRAPID and BOA fit system.

HOW THEY PERFORMED: When it comes to golf shoes, my personal tastes are very diverse.

I love the classic leather upper and soled models, with traditional style blending with sold construction to give a connection with the ground and look that harks back to the best dressed players of the past.

I am also partial to the modern, athletically inspired models that do their best to bring comfort and different looks to the golf course. And even sometimes new materials.

The end result … I have more than one pair of each.

When it comes to the latter, form and function have at times in the past not matched up well. A really comfortable pair’s appearance slightly letting it down. Or the opposite imbalance.

But in the case of the HyperFlex, the balance is outstanding for mine.

The look is great and a wide range of colours means this will be the opinion of more than just this writer. Meanwhile, the comfort is even better.

A soft underfoot feeling doesn’t mean you are giving up support, with the model tested wrapping around my foot and locking me in place.

BOA models tend to do this very well, however, to get the shoes to fit as I like, the forefoot can often feel tight. For the new HyperFlex this certainly wasn’t the case, there was enough room (for lack of a better word) on the top of my foot to be without any discomfort whatsoever, while the system snugly fit around the base of my ankle and towards the sole.

Traction is of course the other key performance aspect in a golf shoe, and the HyperFlex couldn’t be faulted in this regard.

No matter the lie or conditions I found myself in during testing the shoes, a slip or misstep doesn’t easily come to mind.

An additional litmus test for this pair of shoes was also passed with flying colours, with multiple people, both golfers and not, commenting to me how much they liked the look of the shoes.

This might not mean much to some, but an athletic pair of golf shoes needs to have a certain amount of course transcending style to my mind, and the HyperFlex proved its worth in that way.

As is the case with all golf shoes, the HyperFlex isn’t for everyone, that’s why it is not the only shoe in FootJoy’s range.

But having been on the fence with some of the company’s previous efforts in this category, it is certainly for me.

The blend of support and comfort mean it can be worn all day and feels like you are in a more stable trainer, while the style makes it a very versatile option and one that will appeal to a wide range of golfers.

FOOTJOY SAYS: As part of FootJoy’s continued commitment to performance innovation, the all-new HyperFlex is tuned specifically for golf to deliver crazy-soft comfort and performance along with support that returns energy to the golfer.

HyperFlex features an advanced midsole/outsole combo that includes two new technologies that provide unrivalled comfort and performance where you need it out on the golf course.

FJ’s ‘StratoFoam’ cushioning is a proprietary foam blend that provides optimal support and comfort in any conditions. This midsole design provides the perfect blend of cushioning which helps absorb shock while maximising energy return to reduce foot fatigue.

The all-new ‘OptiFlex’ outsole design features dual flex grooves that flex naturally with your foot for comfort as well as a thin, semi-rigid TPU flex plate that promotes multidirectional flexure and traction where you need it in the golf swing.

“When you take the first steps in HyperFlex, you’ll notice that the shoe moves in unison with the foot,” Vice President, FJ Footwear Chris Tobias said. “This new outsole technology is designed to mimic the natural flexure of the foot, so not only are you getting a great walking shoe, but a shoe that will maximise the ground force throughout every movement in the golf swing.”

HyperFlex features breakthrough performance fit technology, delivered with athletic-inspired styling and materials in both a laced version as well as the all-new WRAPID, powered by the BOA Fit System.

This innovative new system features an asymmetrical configuration that ensures a dialled-in, precision fit with a reduction in pressure on the top of the foot. It enables the shoe to move with you, wrapping your foot in complete security, all while providing powerful support through the swing.

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