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Golf Australia reader Nick Thompson has emailed us wanting to know how far he should be standing from the ball at address, as he has recently had problems shanking his iron shots.

How far you stand from the ball is not only important in terms of how well you contact the ball with the clubface, it can affect your ability to swing freely and with confidence.

The ideal distance you stand from the ball is best measured by taking your bottom hand off the club at address and seeing if the butt end of the club is a hand span from your front leg.

Checking the separation between the end of the club and your leg will help you swing the club on the proper plane. It’s not just to check if you’re too close but also if you’re too far from the ball. The hand-span drill will get you closer without putting you too close.

When you’re positioned correctly, your arms should hang vertically and the grip end of the club should point at or close to your belt buckle, just like it is here for Adam Scott (pictured top). From this point, you should feel as though you’re able to make a free-flowing swing, knowing you’re the right distance from the ball (pictured middle).

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