Golf Australia reader Toby Norton says he is a 21-marker who tops the ball a lot and doesn’t hit the ball as far or accurate as his regular playing partners. He’s been told by mates he has a reverse pivot and wonders if there is an easy fix.

Here is a simple tip to cure the dreaded reverse pivot – maintain a constant back knee flex throughout the swing. It’s as easy as that.

A good right knee flex (for right-handers) – from address to the top of the backswing – assists in having a correct weight transfer, just like Justin Rose (pictured top) and Tommy Fleetwood here.

If you straighten your back leg during the backswing a reverse pivot will result, with your weight moving toward the target as you near the top of the backswing. By the time you reach impact, your weight will be in you back foot.

Ideally, you should have about 55 percent of your weight loaded into your right knee and inner right thigh at address. From here it is just a matter of swinging the club up to the top of the backswing without moving your right leg at all.

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