To build your confidence for a repeating swing, I recommend you first focus on your finish.

Most players try to perfect their takeaway and backswing first, then they believe the rest will look after itself once the backswing is set in a correct position.

This is simply not right.

A proper and balanced finish is the end result of a good back swing, and a great way to achieve a quality finish is to start at the address position and slowly take your club to the finished position with no backswing at all.

Pose in a perfect follow-through, a high finish with elbows out in front of the body, facing the target with the left foot carrying all the weight, head up and eyes looking down the fairway to follow a good shot. Now, hold the pose like you are being photographed. Feel the position.

When you have the feeling of what a good finish position feels like, make a slow, short backswing, swing though and end the swing in the same finish position.

If you do this drill several times, especially before a round, your full swing will feel more repetitive and will be one you can count on with every shot.