His consistency can be directly attributed to his ability to maintain his spine angle – first established at address – throughout each swing he makes. Lose your spine angle and you can only guess where your shot is going to finish up.

The most common loss of spine angle occurs when a golfer ‘stands up’ just before impact or at impact, which invariably leads to thin hits or, even worse, an air swing. Focusing on staying down on the ball, keeping your spine angle, will help you hit better shots with more power and accuracy.

By ensuring his spine angle does not change during the swing, Rahm establishes a vital aspect of good shot-making … reliability. Keeping that spine angle constant leads the clubhead towards the ground, on a good swing plane, and back to where it was set at address, which will ultimately lead to purer strikes.

Finally, note how the shaft of Rahm’s club is perpendicular to his spine in the downswing. You could not achieve this ideal swing plane position if you ‘stand up’ or straighten your spine angle in the downswing.