One of the simplest, and easiest, tips you can use to get your chip shots closer to the hole every time is to shorten your choice of club by choking down on the grip.

Choking down on a club simply means moving your hands down the grip towards the shaft, just like Patrick Cantlay has done here (pictured above) in hitting a lofted wedge from beside the green.

Choking down for a chip or short pitch shot gives you more control over the shot because your hands are closer to the clubface. Also think about the psychology of choking down – most players, for example, feel more confident using the shorter clubs in the bag rather than the longest. So, by simply shortening the club by choking down, you’re tapping into that feeling of greater confidence.

The other important benefit of choking down on short shots is just that … it’s a short shot. For example, trying to hit a 10-metre pitch with a wedge at full length in your hands and you will be forced to swing much shorter than usual so you don’t hit the ball too far. This can often lead to a deceleration of the clubhead in the downswing and a chunked chip shot.